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Transportation Policy Board

June 22, 2020

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  1. Roll Call
  2. Director's Report (pdf)
    1. Update on MPO Operations under COVID-19
    2. MPO policies are under review and proposed revisions will be presented in August with action in September
    3. Congratulations to newly elected TAC Chair Garry Ford, P.E. and Bianca Thorpe, P.E.
    4. All MPO Committee meetings (BMAC, PMAC, TAC and TPB) will likely be cancelled for July
    5. The MPO Office will be closed on Friday, July 3 for the observance of Independence Day
  1. Citizens to be Heard
Consent Agenda:
  1. Approval of the May 18, 2020 Meeting Minutes 
  2. Action on Transit Performance Measures and Target Setting (pdf)
  3. Action on the Composition of the Consultant Selection/Study Oversight Committee for Subtask 3.4 Subregional Planning Study

Items for Individual Discussion and Appropriate Action:
  1. Discussion and Appropriate Action on Changes to the MPO's Bylaws
  2. Discussion and Appropriate Action on the Position of First Vice Chair
  3. Discussion and Appropriate Action on the Upcoming Call for Projects (pdf)
  4. Monthly Status Reports

    1. Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (Renee Green)
    2. Air Quality Issues (Diane Rath)
    3. City of San Antonio (Art Reinhardt)
    4. San Antonio Mobility Coalition (Vic Boyer)
    5. Texas Department of Transportation (Mario Jorge) 
    6. VIA Metropolitan Transit (Jeff Arndt)
    7. Others
  5. Executive Session - Pursuant to Chapter 551, Subchapter D, Texas Government Code
At any time during the meeting of the MPO Transportation Policy Board, the Board reserves the right to adjourn into executive Session at any time to discuss any of the matters listed on the posted agenda, as authorized by Texas Government Code Section 551.071 (consultation with attorney), Section 551.072 (deliberations about real property), Section 551.074 ( personnel matters), and Section 551.086 (economic development)
  12.  Adjourn